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My biggest hair secret


If you know me, what I use in my hair is definitely not a secret. I literally tell EVERYONE. Is it because I’m obsessed? Is it because I’m annoying? Ehhh, probably a mixture of both. ūüėČ But in my defense, more than 50%¬†of the time I’m asked. Believe it or not, I have not colored […]

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ZAK Detox Deodorant: Review


I’m always on the lookout for great, natural beauty products. So when ZAK Body Care contacted me to review their Detox Deodorant, I was very excited. However, I was equally skeptical. I’ve tried natural deodorants in the past and ended up very disappointed within even minutes¬†of applying. I just want to smell pretty, is that […]

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No-Heat Curls With Savvy Curls


It’s very apparent if you look back at my older photos, prior to¬†going red I did not take very good care of my hair. Before my wonderful hairstylist, Emma, saved it¬†from the faded, super damaged, box colored- hadn’t been trimmed in two years- thing it was, I washed it too much, styled it without any […]

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