Summer ready with Kortni Jeane

Summer is right around the corner you guys! I cannot wait for long days filled with adventure, sunshine and the smell of chlorine and sunscreen (two of my favorite scents)! I would have to say that 90% of my swimsuit wardrobe (believe it or not, I do have a dresser stuffed!) is Kortni Jeane.
2N4B2321_1024x1024{Get this top HERE}
Kortni Jeane swimmers are my favorite for many reasons. It’s not just the bright, fun and unique prints, or the fact that I feel covered and comfortable in a swimsuit, OR the fact that you can literally mix and match every single piece to give yourself dozens of options with just a few pieces… no, it’s also the fact that Kortni is a total boss babe (the girl is MY age with a super successful swim-line for crying out lout) but I love love LOVE that she caters to and promotes
No Victoria’s Secret  ‘unattainable body, big boobs and revealing all your goodies’ nonsense over here! Women of all cup sizes, waistlines, shapes, colors and even ages are welcome to the KJ swimmer club. <3
Even us white as paper (literally, LOL), flat chested, untoned red-heads. 😉
2N4B2316_1024x1024These photos are from a shoot I got to be part of a few months ago for Kortni’s website! She is the sweetest human ever and I had so much fun hanging out with her and her crew, taking pictures and dancing around to some tunes. 🙂
2N4B21692N4B2291_1024x1024 2N4B2335_1024x1024 2N4B2160xo, Megan.

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