Changing it up

IMG-67For those of you wondering where the heck I’ve been for the last three months… this blog post is for you.
Since getting engaged, I’ve had a lot going on between work, friends, family, WINNING a wedding (yeah, that happened!), planning my wedding and even starting a business. I love Darling On A Dollar and I always will. However, last year I began losing interest in just talking about fashion all the time. I began personally seeking out companies that gave back and highlighting the good they were doing. I gravitated towards businesses like that so much that I finally decided to start my own.
IMG-63IMG-27For as long as Amee and I have been friends, we have wanted to start a business together. Last year we actually had plans to start our own boutique centered around my personal style and Darling On A Dollar. But the closer we got to making those plans a reality, the less passionate I became about it.
Something didn’t feel right.
I didn’t want to just talk about fashion anymore, I didn’t want to just start another boutique or clothing company and sell clothes just to sell them. Something about that felt so empty to me.
I realized that my love for fashion wasn’t gone, it had just become secondary. My first passion was to help people, to bring awareness to many different causes and charities (there are SO many out there!). I became passionate about making the world a better place rather than just a prettier one.

IMG-28And voila… That’s how Kindness Like Confetti was born!

Every month at Kindness Like Confetti we highlight a new cause/charity. Blogging about ways to give back, more information regarding the cause/charity, true stories of kindness and more! On top of that, 15% of each item purchased that month will be donated to the specified charity. I currently have a small handful of designs and ideas to bring to the shop and I can’t wait to share them!
I’m so excited to bring together two things I’m so passionate about- helping others and fashion. My goal with KLC is to create a place of positivity, inspiration and kindness. I don’t want to just design and sell clothes, I want to start a movement.

IMG-39But don’t worry, Darling On A Dollar isn’t going anywhere. I’ll still be sharing my favorite outfits, beauty products and all that jazz from time to time (those who know me, know that I can’t not share, LOL). It’s not a priority for me anymore, but it will always be one of my favorite hobbies. 🙂

xo Megan.

{Photography by Taylor Elaine Photography}

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