Classic Fun Center

Classic Fun Center

IMG_1866I was pretty much born and raised at the skating rink. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exhaderation, but you know what I mean. At one point, when we lived in California we had a skating ring right across the street from us. So you can only imagine how much of my life has been spent on skates, yet I STILL somehow manage to be the worst at skating. Maybe it’s my awkward legs, lack of balance, fear of falling on my face or my super power that is clumsiness (I can literally trip over nothing!). Thankfully, rollerblades are a thing and even though I’m pretty dang pathetic in those- I still love skating rinks. Something about the vibe of a them brings me back to the good old days, and that’s exactly what Classic Fun Center in Orem does for me, too.

With Classic’s help, I threw a little party for a few of my favorite girls (and Jeffery, of course!). We started the night off with some skating (naturally), then we were served some DELICIOUS pizza, skated some more, spent some time at the arcade (I totally got the jackpot on one of my favorite games… NBD!) and ended the night with some more skating. We had the Big Screen Room which was nice because we could hang out in there if we needed a break, leave our food and belongings in there too without worrying about them. Our server’s name was Sarah (like my sis!) and she was a doll! She was so helpful, had the best attitude and really made us feel like we were taken care of.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to throw a party, get-together or just hang out with your friends- I highly recommend Classic Fun Center. They have awesome deals, specials and events always going on, too.
From now until August 10th, use code “Darling On a Dollar” to get two for one skating! Whoop, Whoop! 🙂
IMG_2217^ I love my sisters. <3  ^
IMG_2263^ I love this boy! BF, BFF and the night’s photographer. ^
IMG_2213 ^ Family, friends and friend’s family. ^
IMG_2382 IMG_1970 ^ This pizza was seriously SO good, probably one of my favorites.^IMG_2003 IMG_2259 ^ Sarah and Saylor. (Saylor of course had to have her face painted for the occasion, LOL.) ^IMG_2331 ^ Since Sarah’s birthday is coming up, she got to spin the wheel of prizes! ^IMG_2461 ^ Some of the gifts that are included if you purchase the birthday package at Classic Fun Center! (Happy early birthday, Sarah!!!) ^IMG_2094 IMG_2394 IMG_2128 ^ They hit the jackpot, too! ^IMG_2108 IMG_2166IMG_2466 IMG_2443 IMG_2475


{Special thanks to Classic Fun Center for sponsoring this post!}

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