My biggest hair secret

My biggest hair secret

edit2IMG_0450If you know me, what I use in my hair is definitely not a secret. I literally tell EVERYONE. Is it because I’m obsessed? Is it because I’m annoying? Ehhh, probably a mixture of both. ūüėČ But in my defense, more than 50%¬†of the time I’m asked.
Believe it or not, I have not colored my hair (just my roots) since December of last year. If you know how hard red is to maintain, you’re probably asking, “HOW?!”
Have I sold my soul to the color gods?
Am I REALLY a mermaid?
Unfortunately not.
My secret?

I discovered Overtone on Instagram back in November. Even though I adored my red locks, my hair was becoming too much of a pain to keep up with. After growing tired of taking cold showers, having my hair fade within just a few washes and forking over large amounts of cash to put the color back in my hair more than once a month- I tried Overtone out of desperation.
I read some of their reviews and discovered that their Go Deep РWeekly Treatment would be the best investment for me and after giving it a try, I realized that I had struck gold.

IMG_0143*Left: After 3 washes with normal shampoo & conditioner. || Right: After ONE wash with normal shampoo and Overtone’s Go Deep – Weekly Treatment in ‘Extreme Red’.*

This before and after says it all. This stuff is amazing.
It’s sooo¬†pigmented that you have to wear gloves when you put it on and be careful not to get it anywhere but in your hair!
It smells wonderful- very minty and fresh.¬†It leaves my hair vibrant, shiny and feeling CRAZY soft (I may or may not be that girl saying, “FEEL MY HAIR! FEEL MY HAIR! IT’S SOO SOFT!!!”).
Thanks to Overtone, I’m not forced to take¬†cold showers anymore.
They offer a multitude of 23 shades for all you mermaids out there, too!

It’s also super easy to use:
I shampoo in warm water (sometimes even hot water because I’m a rebel like that),¬†I dry my hands, put on my gloves, apply my Go Deep – ¬†Extreme Red¬†Weekly Treatment, let it sit for 15-20 minutes then rinse and voila! My red locks are red, fresh¬†and good to go! One tub will last me a little over a month, so let’s just take a moment to appreciate all the money I’m saving (hallelujah!!!!). ūüôā

Do your hair a favor and grab yourself some color at!
I just want to clarify that Overtone did not pay me or give me free product for this post. I just really love their product. ūüôā


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