No-Heat Curls With Savvy Curls

No-Heat Curls With Savvy Curls

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It’s very apparent if you look back at my older photos, prior to going red I did not take very good care of my hair. Before my wonderful hairstylist, Emma, saved it from the faded, super damaged, box colored- hadn’t been trimmed in two years- thing it was, I washed it too much, styled it without any products and used heat on it WAY too much.  Since going red, I’m very careful about how I treat my hair. I only wash it once a week (I can get away with this because having super curly hair causes my hair to be SUPER dry. So unless I run a marathon or something, my hair takes about a week before it stops feeling, smelling and looking like I just washed it.), I also use deep conditioners and leave in conditioners, I’ve stocked up on Moroccan oil, I get trims on the regular and I use much less heat.
Now, I’m not saying that I’ve cut out heat all together. If that were the case, I’d be a big head of fluffy red curls… and not the cute kind. Occasionally I will air dry, but the majority of the time I will blow dry my hair after applying all of my helpful hair-protecting and nourishing products and if I’m running short on time I’ll bust out my NuMe curling wand. However, usually I’ll use my Savvy Curls headband. That’s right ladies, I’m talkin’ “no-heat” curls. I love it for the following reasons:

  • It’s so easy to do. You simply put it on your head like a crown, grab a piece (the thickness is totally up to you, I prefer 1″ pieces), wrap it up and around the headband and just grab as you go! Almost like braiding. *My photos above are a step-by-step, but if you’re still confused, click HERE*
  • It’s ACTUALLY comfortable to wear! I have a big head and my thick hair doesn’t help so because of this, most headbands are super uncomfortable to wear. With Savvy Curls that’s not the case. I can sleep in it, go to the gym in it, wear it to work- anything! I mean, come on, you can’t do those things in curlers!
  • It’s cute! I chose plain black out of fear of staining anything with a cute print (#RedHairProblems), but they have TONS of prints and patterns to choose from! You can also get away with wearing it out in public as a cute undo. 😉
  • It uses thermal insulating materials to work with the natural heat from your head to curl your hair, aka it’s magic, duh! That means while you’re working out, sleeping, or just doing whatever- you are also curling your hair! Now, that’s what I call multi-tasking.
  • The curls I achieve with my Savvy Curls headband aren’t kinked, limp or die during the day. These babies are round, bouncy curls that last literally all day. At night I throw my hair back up in my headband and it does all the work, effortlessly readying me for another great hair day.

Everyone’s hair does and will react differently, regardless of what you use or how you do your hair. The original instructions for Savvy Curls is to allow your hair to be mostly dry but slightly still damp, apply mouse, wrap hair and sleep on it. However, like I stated earlier I can’t just air-dry and expect anything but chaos to come from it. So I blow dry my hair completely (to avoid any frizz or kinks), I then apply Moroccan oil and wrap my hair in my headband. My hair is very easy to manipulate after blowdrying which is why this method works so well for me. I highly recommend trying your own thing with it. Like I said, everyones hair is different and reacts differently. Regardless, this product is fantastic and will do wonders for you!

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment! I’ll have a giveaway for you guys next week, so keep an eye out. But if you just can’t wait and would like to give your hair a break, you can purchase a Savvy Curls headband from their website, HERE.

Thanks for reading! I hope this post was helpful, informative and opened your eyes to a whole new world for your hair!

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