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| Dress: MikaRose | Shoes: Forever Young Shoes | Jewelry: Forever 21 |
| Photography: Diana Putnam Photography 
| Hair: {color & style} Emma’s Parlour | Makeup: Devan Ampuero |

Let’s be honest, dressing up is fun. The opportunity to get your hair and makeup all done, throw on a pretty dress and strap on some heels? Who wouldn’t want that?! So when I won Emma’s Parlour’s Instagram giveaway a couple months back for a free hairstyle I was beyond excited. I had Instagram stalked her for months and months, just admiring her talent and waiting for the day that I’d have all my pennies saved up and could schedule an appointment with her. Finally, I was ready to take the leap and try a new color. It was intimidating, I was so nervous and I knew I’d get looks {living in a state filled with frosted blondes} but there wasn’t anyone I trusted more than Emma to help me make such a drastic change and she absolutely pulled it off. Not to mention all the fun we had doing it. She is one of the funniest, most kind, genuine {and talented} people I have ever met and she pulled this amazing 40’s hairstyle out of thin air for this photo shoot. It looks like she spent hours on it when really we only had about 30 minutes! Again, this girl has magic in her hands!

Once we had a date set for my hair, Emma recommended asking a local photographer to come and snap some shots of my new do. She told me that Diana Putnam was the girl to go to and {prior to also stalking Diana’s photography on Instagram, too} I couldn’t contact her soon enough! It was Diana’s idea to turn it into a whole shoot and to bring along Jeffery. She was so fun, professional and made my handsome guy and myself so comfortable. The photos came out wonderfully natural, which is what we were worried about considering the fact that we had done our very first couple photo shoot only two days prior and were still brand new to the whole “just be natural and pretend the camera isn’t here” thing. She made us laugh, gave us fantastic posing tips and there honestly wasn’t an uncomfortable/awkward moment throughout the entire shoot.  Diana was also the one who recommending her MUA friend Devan Ampuero for the shoot {Diana is just FULL of great ideas!}. Devan was absolutely fabulous, I have never had my makeup done SO fast and SOO well before. Unfortunately, because of work, traffic and just life in general, we only had about 4o minutes to do hair AND makeup before this shoot but Devan totally killed it! She was fast, precise, and made my 1940’s vision come to life!

This shoot turned out exactly how I had imagined it and I couldn’t be happier with these photos. All three of these fabulous women brought their amazing talents together in perfect harmony! I honestly am so thankful to have met all three of them, and I look forward to working with these wonderful ladies in the future!

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