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Summer is in full swing! With carnivals, parades, days by the pool and lots of sunshine- I can’t help but simply adore this time of year! It all kind of takes me back to my younger years, living in the sunny state of California. I guess you could say that’s what inspired this super simple 90’s look I sported yesterday. I say “90’s look” because aside from my big/baggy tee, the SUPER high-waisted jeans just take me back to the “mom jeans” days. But hey, who says you can’t take something old and make it new?! Wearing jeans this high is quite intimidating, I will confess. But like I always say, you can wear anything as long as you have the confidence. So to those who say “mom jeans” are a thing of the past and should stay there- I say… TOO BAD!!! 🙂

So last week I was feeling spontaneously adventurous and decided to go on an 11 mile bike ride (which is pretty spontaneous and adventurous for someone who doesn’t EVER bike ride, especially UPHILL… I still don’t know what I was thinking. LOL). Anywhooo, even after putting on sunscreen, this girl got toasted…


and I mean TOASTED. My skin literally matched my hair, you guys! So what did I do? I used my secret weapon of course…

It says it’s a “tan enhancer” but really it’s a miracle cream. I have only had about three horrible sunburns in the last ten years (I wear sunscreen religiously!), and every time I go straight to this stuff and within 2-3 days my burn is GONE.
From Friday to Sunday… What a difference! I purchased my bottle from Hapari Swimwear a few years ago (it has lasted sooo long!). I’m not sure if they sell it there anymore, but I do know that you can buy it from Ulta for pretty cheap! I seriously love it and carry it around 24/7 during the summer. I’ll definitely be bringing it with me on my upcoming work trip later this week!

That’s right, bring on the long plane rides, crazy work hours and free hotel breakfasts! This time I will be leaving at the end of this week and won’t return home until the beginning of July. That’s just about a WHOLE month! My travels will begin in the sunny and oh-so wonderful state of Florida then they’ll end in my home-state of California.

An ENTIRE month.
From coast to coast…

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