Bringing Awareness With Bravelets + A GIVEAWAY!

Bringing Awareness With Bravelets + A GIVEAWAY!




Hey, everyone! I know by now you’ve all heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS- you donate, dump freezing cold water on yourself then nominate your friends to do the same. I love it! I think it’s a fun and creative way to bring awareness! However, that’s not the only way (thank goodness!). One of my favorite ways to donate and bring awareness to causes I personally have a heart for is Bravelets. Bravelets is a fantastic company that sells cute and colorful jewelry for just about any cause you can think of! When you purchase a piece of jewelry from Bravelets $10 goes to the charity or fundraiser of your choice! So not only are you getting cute jewelry and donating money to something you care about, but when you wear your Bravelets necklace, ring or bracelets you’re sharing the message and bringing awareness! I often have people ask me where I got my bracelets and why “be brave” is engraved on my jewelry, I love telling them why!


The first bracelet I purchased from Bravelets was for the Melanoma Research Foundation and for those of you who don’t know, Melanoma is the most dangerous form of skin cancer. Now, as I’m sure you all have noticed, I am VERY fair skinned. Despite what the media and so many people out there say and think, I’m proud of it. However, that wasn’t the case when I was a teenager. My high school years were filled with bronzers, tanning salons, laying out in the sun almost every chance I got and sunscreen was for babies and old people. I was obsessed with looking tan. Why, you ask? Because it was engraved in my mind that my fair skin was ugly. Unfortunately, at the time I had no idea all the damage and side effects I was possibly putting on myself. Then one day I stumbled across this video…

… It broke my heart and it was like a lightbulb went off in my head. Since when is physical beauty more important than your life? Had I become so shallow that I didn’t even care about what I was doing to my own body? Since watching this video, I’ve had a heavy heart for raising awareness and money for Melanoma research, I’ve given up recreational tanning and I’ve learned to love and be proud of my fair skin. Many people don’t know this, but skin cancer is most common in younger people and is currently the most common diagnosed cancer in the US. If you, too, have a heavy heart for Melanoma awareness you can purchase my black triangle Melanoma research bracelet HERE and $10 will be donated to the Melanoma Research Foundation. Use code “BRAVEDARLING10” at checkout to get 10% off your purchase now through September 3rd!

My second Bravelets bracelet I purchased was for Parkinson’s disease. I recently set up a fundraiser with Bravelets in honor of my grandmother who unfortunately has this disease. This October she, along with my mother and aunts, will be participating in the National Parkinson Foundation’s Moving Day walk in Los Angeles. This walk is fantastic because it brings awareness to the disease on a national level! Our goal is to raise $1,500 for the National Parkinson Foundation. By purchasing a Moving Day For Marlene Bravelets item HERE you automatically donate $10 to her and her team! Or you can simply donate your desired amount at her NPF Moving Day page HERE. Every little bit helps! 🙂


Every charity deserves to be acknowledged in some way, and I love that Bravelets helps make that happen! If you have a heavy heart for different causes than I do, you can head over to their website and purchase an item for that cause! Or you can click my links above and purchase something from the two causes I have highlighted today, and if you just don’t have the money you can still help bring awareness by simply sharing a cause with your friends or even sharing this post with them! While we can’t give every cause its viral “Ice Bucket Challenge” moment, we can still do something.

Stay positive, be proactive and have a great week! 🙂


Now… it’s time for another giveaway!


CLICK HERE to enter to win this Bravelets adjustable “Be Brave” bracelet for Melanoma research, courtesy of Bravelets! Contest ends September 8th!

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